SHIPCARE Management offers services which integrate values of trust, sincerity, integrity, hard work and fair business practices. These, supported by optimal use of modern technology, enable us to provide the highest quality service to our customers.

We place great value on the human element and endeavour to nurture this asset. We aim to implement systems that enable an average employee deliver extraordinary results.

Teamwork is our strength and integration of systems is our way of life.

We presently manage Oil Tankers and Chemical Tankers. It is our commitment to have every ship managed by us be operationally ready in terms of Technical, Crewing and Certification requirements.

We employ approx. 30 staff ashore and close to 750 seafarers onboard.

Our Mission

We are SHIPCARE Management one of the leading supplier of seabourne transportation services.
Through our investment in our people, system and vessels, we strive to make superior business decisions.
We consider our customers, suppliers and regulators essential partners as we seek improvement through continuous self-evaluation.
We will not compromise the safety of people nor jeopardize the environment. Our goal is to achieve a flawless record. We demand transparency and honesty throughout organization.

Company Policy

SHIPCARE Management is committed to the constant pursuit of excellence in every area of its business by: